Hi !

I’m Choi and my background in fashion & textile design. I have always been very interested in sewing and textile related ever since I was a child, watching my late mother who was an admirably adept knitter. I remember how she would barely look at her work in hand, whilst watching TV, and still be able to roll out a prolific assortment of Arran jumpers and cardigans for my brother and I to wear. I imagined is this level of skill and craft-ship probably extremely rare nowadays, and this was likely how I caught the bug for textiles in overall.
Over the years, most of my hobbies have been self-taught. I started learning how to hand sew some basic garments for myself. This progressed into purchasing my first sewing machine going to gaining a BA in Embroidered textile design and eventually learning to draft fashion accessories and clothing patterns from scratch and running my own market stall with my own handmade garments and accessories.
 I especially enjoy the tactile nature of working with fabrics. The engineering of a flat piece of cloth into a garment or accessory that is not only unique, wearable, tangibly 3D and improves one's appearance gives me a lot of satisfaction.
I also love how the introduction of a gorgeous, eye-catching pattern transforms a plain piece of fabric or any surface for that matter, elevating it with rhythm, colour and skilfully implied texture.

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 In the past, I have worked in traditional media such as watercolours, gouache and acrylic as well as dabbling in some spray paint for my mural art.
Recently, I moved into using digital media to create my illustration and patterns. I use a combination of tablet and stylus to digitally hand sketch my ideas. I am a bit of a nerd who enjoys the technical aspects of my work, including learning new graphic design techniques to realise my designs, as well as how to streamline my work flow with technology.
My work has evolved from a love of vivid colours and bold graphic shape. I am currently mostly focused on creating surface patterns in vibrant abstract geometrics and floral styles for fashion apparel and home décor textiles.
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Choi 💕